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We are a Studio from the CIS, from this there may be problems with translation into foreign languages!
We apologize for our mistakes in translation.

Marshmallow Stories or Marshmallow Story's - We will fix this bug in future updates.

Have you ever wondered how interesting the life of marshmallows? Immerse yourself in a smooth story on the way which will be: opponents, traps and easy puzzles.

You will find: a dozen locations, unique opponents, as well as their bosses, with whom you will not so often. But at the moment the game is in development.


Nice graphics
Convenient control, both for ordinary players and for players with impaired hand motor skills
Suitable for both adults and teenagers.
Cute story.
User-friendly interface that can be controlled with one hand.
Well-designed locations.

Supported platform

Android and Windows(Windows support will be provided before the game's release)

Supported languages

English, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, French





#platformer #marshmallow #cute #android #unity #minimalist #cats #atmospheric #adventure #abstract #puzzle #unity3D #fangame #arcade


[NEW] Marshmallow Stories - [2019.10.3A]
[OLD] Marshmallow Stories - [2019.10.2E]
[OLD] Marshmallow Stories - [2019.7.5H]

Development log


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Hey man, do you have a link to the app store? having difficulties opeinng it.

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We have a game in the early access stage. The appearance on the App Store can happen only to the New year, or summer.(Depending on how soon we have MacOS hardware, at the Studio)

I'm sorry if this news upset you. (Translated by Yandex)